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USPS Handbooks and Manuals

5/27/2014: Under Construction

AS 353

Guide to Privacy, the Freedom of Information Act, and Records Management

AS 503 

 Standard Design Criteria

AS 504

Space Requirements

AS 508

 Section 508

AS 508-A

 Section 508 Technical Reference Guide

AS 554

Water Reference Guide

AS 805

Information Security

AS 820

Postal Computing Environment


Administrative Support Manual


CSRS and FERS Handbook

DM 901

Registered Mail


Domestic Mail Manual

EL 301

Guide for Personnel Actions

EL 307

Reasonable Accommodations

EL 312

Employment and Placement

EL 502

CSRS Retirement Guide

EL 505

Injury Compensation Procedures

EL 603

EEO Complaint Processing

EL 801

Supervisors' Safety Handbook

EL 802

 Executives' and Managers' Safety and Health Program and Compliance Guide

EL 804

Safe Driver Program

EL 809

Guidelines for Area/Local Joint Labor Management

EL 809-T

 Area-Local Joint Labor-Management Safety and Health Committee Training

EL 814

Postal Employees' Guide to Safety

EL 902

USPS/NRLCA National Agreement

EL 921

Supervisors Guide to Handling Grievances


Employee and Labor Relations Manual

F 1

Accounting and Reporting Policy

F 15

Travel and Relocation Handbook

F 18

Payroll Journal Guide

F 21

Time and Attendance

F 101

Field Accounting Procedures


Management of Rural Delivery Services

MS 55

NDCBU Handbook

PO 408

 Area Mail Processing

PO 515

Highway Contractor Safety

PO 602

Computerized Forwarding System Managers and Supervisors Guide

PO 603

Rural Delivery Carrier Duties and Responsibilities

PO 610

Signature Capture and Electronic Records Management Handbook

PO 630

 Post Offices Serving DOD Installations

PO 701

Fleet Management

PO 702

Accident Investigations-Tort Claims


Postal Operations Manual


 Standard for Facility Accessibility


 Building  and Site Security Requirements


Highway Contract Routes-Contract Delivery Service