PS Form 500- Rural Delivery Service Survey

PS Form 1216- Employee's Current Mailing Address

PS Form 1314F- Rural Carrier FMLA Certificate

PS Form 1700- Accident Investigation Worksheet

PS Form 1711- AIM Accident/Incident Supervisor Worksheet

PS Form 1717-A Preferred Assignment Multiple Bid Card 

PS Form 1767- Instructions

PS Form 1767- Report of Hazardous Condition

PS Form 2146- Employee's Claim for Personal Property

PS Form 2240R- Rural Pay or Leave Adjustment Request for PS Form 1314

PS Form 2485A- Medical Assessment  Focused Examination Report

PS Form 2485B- Medical Assessment Private Medical Report

PS Form 2486- Report of Specific Medical Conditions

PS Form 2492- Request for Fitness-for-Duty Examination

PS Form 2574- Resignation From the Postal Service

PS Form 2847- Rural Carrier Payment Authorization

PS Form 2848- Rural Carrier Route Mail Acceptance Data

PS Form 3074- Request for Waiver of Claim for Erroneous Payment of Pay

PS Form 3239- Payroll Deduction Authorization to Liquidate Postal Service Indeptedness

PS Form 3970D- Leave Sharing Program- Request to Donate Leave

PS Form 3970R- Leave Sharing Program- Request to Recieve Donated Leave

PS Form 3971- Request for or Notification of Absense

PS Form 3972- Absense Analysis Leave Year 2010

PS Form 4012- Brief of Rural Route Changes

PS Form 4015A- Rural Carrier Agreement to Use Annual Leave Pursuant to Election or Higher Route

PS Form 4015B- Rural Carrier Agreement to Terminate Guarantee (Substitute Rural Carrier...)

PS Form 4015C- Rural Carrier Agreement to Terminate Guarantee (Exercising Retreat or Bidding Rights)

PS Form 4015D- Rural Carrier Agreement to Terminate Guarantee  

PS Form 4015E- Rural Carrier Agreement to Use Annual Leave Earned to Reduce Actual Work Hours

PS Form 4015F- Rural Carrier Agreement to Use Annual Leave to Obtain Protected Salary

PS Form 4024- Request to Repair Roads

PS Form 4056- Your Mailbox Needs Attention

PS Form 4239- Rural Route Count of Mail

PS Form 4240- Rural Carrier Trip Report

PS Form 4241- Rural Carrier Statistics

PS Form 4248- Rural Route Inspection Report

PS Form 6387- Rural Money Order Transaction Application

PS Form 8043- Request to Amend Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)

PS Form 8083- Employee Statement to Recover Back Pay

PS Form 8127- Rural Carrier Supplemental Payment

PS Form 8191 USPS-NRLCA Joint Step 1 Grievance Form 


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