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Eligibility: The Rural Carrier Benefit Plan is part of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). All regular and part-time flexible (PTF) rural letter carriers are eligible to enroll in the plan, if they are NRLCA members in good standing. Retired NRLCA members, who are eligible to keep their FEHB coverage after retirement, are eligible to enroll in the plan. Also, certain leave replacement rural letter carriers (RCA, RCR, etc.), who are NRLCA members, may be eligible to enroll in the plan.

Please note: With the exception of Members of Congress or designated Congressional staff, the Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchanges) under the Affordable Care Act does not affect FEHB Program enrollees.  For additional information, visit OPM’s website at

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2014 Brochure
2013 Brochure

Please Note: The following paragraph has been removed from the 2012 Rural Carrier Benefit Plan brochure in Section 1, Facts about this fee-for-service Plan, page 7: "As a non-grandfathered health plan (or option), this plan has also decided to follow immediate reforms that apply to grandfathered plans."

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