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News Release 13-1: Elimination of Six-Day Delivery (President Statement)     

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        Postal Service plans to end Saturday mail delivery by August (Washington Post)

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      Postal Cuts are Austerity on Steroids (The Nation)

      USPS employees to see less overtime, more buyouts under 5-day delivery plan (Federal News Radio)

         Television Interview with President Dwyer (Associated Press - Iowa Public Television)

       Radio Interview with Labor Relations Director, Joey Johnson (The Rick Smith Show)

       Saturday letter delivery nears end (The Daily Star)

       Postal service to sack weekend delivery (News Press)

       Postal service to stop delivering mail on Saturdays (Milwaukee Business Times)

News Release 13-1B: NRLCA Votes for Removal of Postmaster General Donahoe   
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      Radio Interview with Executive Committee Chairman David Heather (KMA News Radio)
        Postal union wants postmaster general Patrick Donahoe ousted (Washington Post)   

        Postal Chief: Delayed Service Cuts Threaten Iconic Institution (Voice of America) 

News Release 14-1: NRLCA President to Congress: Save The Postal Service! 

     Video of President Dwyer's Testimony February 13, 2013

         Full Text of President Dwyer's Testimony 

         Radio Interview with President Jeanette Dwyer (The Rick Smith Show)

       MSNBC - Republicans Encourage Slow Death of USPS (Ed Schultz Show)

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        Postmaster General begs Congress for flexibility in cost cuts (Reuters)

        Postmaster General urges lawmakers back ending Saturday delivery (Federal Times)

News Release 15-1: GAO: Postal Service Required To Provide Six-Day Delivery 

News Release 16-1: Postal Service to Save Six-Day Mail Delivery

News Release 13-6: NRLCA Calls for Restoration of Bioterrorism Protection Program  
        VIDEO: Secretary-Treasurer Dailing's Video Statement 

News Release 13-7: President Dwyer Testifies Before Senate   

        Full Text of President Dwyer's Testimony

        Postmaster says USPS may need emergency rate hike (Associated Press)

News Release NRLCA President Responds to Postal Service Default